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Branded Content
Role: Strategy


Samsung was releasing a new HDTV with stereoscopic 3D capabilities and needed a visual demonstration to display in electronics stores like Best Buy and Costco.

Our task was to make something that stood out from similar displays by competitors.


  • Samsung brand positioning
  • Trends in home theater technology
  • Competitive analysis
  • Interviews with consumers re satisfaction and frustrations with their home theater systems


  • Samsung is a brand that can be positioned similarly to BMW, i.e. as an iconic lighthouse for streamlined, elegant and innovative products
  • Samsung products embody the ‘aesthetic of wonder’ 
  • Wonder is a powerful, lasting emotion and when positioned correctly, it can contribute to a sense that life is more expansive than previously realized


“Wonder Revealed.” A 3D video designed to vividly demonstrate the awe-inspiring visual impact of Samsung’s 3D stereoscopic technology.

Visitors to Best Buy and Costco were able to put on Samsung’s best-in-class 3D glasses and experience this amazing new technology that could bring theater-quality 3D effects right into their own home.


A fully 3D stereoscopic project captured by a 3D phantom camera that offers a surprising, artfully-styled cornucopia of imagery. It’s filled with imaginative transitions and Jack-in-the-box-type reveals that burst forth with bouquets of imagery, emphasizing and reinforcing Samsung’s capabilities in entertainment, gaming, personal content, bundled offers and technology innovation.


The displays were heavily trafficked by consumers, particularly in Best Buy stores. 

*sales numbers resulting from interactions with the display were not available from Samsung

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