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Integrated Marketing Campaign 
Role:  Strategy


Harley-Davidson, one of the world’s most iconic brands, wanted to celebrate its 110th birthday the right way: For an entire year. 

Our job was to help make the celebration memorable by creating tactics and platforms that highlighted the core Harley attributes of freedom, self-expression and epic adventure.


  • History of Harley-Davidson
  • Trends in personal transportation
  • Generational relationship to motorcycles (Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials)
  • Interviews with Harley owners


  • Today’s consumer wants unique experiences that create unique memories
  • To qualify as “unique,”  experiences must be sharable. 
  • Harley owners view themselves as being constantly in motion – forging their own path and moving toward the next horizon


Celebrate the impact and history of Harley-Davidson with a road trip worthy of this fearless brand, and enable its international community of advocates to play a central role.

The road trip evolved into a 12-month global journey to connect with millions of Harley fans around the world, including an epic “Choose Their Adventure” road trip from Seattle to Sturgis that featured influencers ranging from musicians to BMX riders who blogged, Tweeted and Instagramm-ed from the road.

Fans were able to track the team’s progress via a website created for the journey, and they could vote via Twitter to decide where the riders went and what they did once they arrived.

We also created an experiential tactic for a commemoration at Harley headquarters in Milwaukee, WI: A grand canvas on which event-goers could share their passion for Harley. Attendees submitted comments and photos via Instagram & Twitter, which were then projected onto the ‘grand canvas’ – an external wall of the building where the celebration was taking place.


  • Website
  • Social media 
  • Branded content
  • Events

‘Choose their adventure’ microsite assets & social media projection wall

Branded content

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