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Brand Refresh
Role: Strategy

COMPAS is a non-profit that has been providing arts education to children and adults for almost 50 years.

In an effort to remind donors and educators that its services are not just a ‘nice to have’ element of K-12 education but a crucial one, particularly given cuts to education budgets, COMPAS sought to refresh its brand as part of campaign to remind them about the vital nature of COMPAS’ services.

The centerpiece of the brand refresh was a new tagline, one that aimed particularly at the ambition of Millennials and GenerationZ to be creative and to play a hands-on role in solving today’s social challenges:

Making Creators

The concept of ‘unleashing’ the creative spirit that lives inside all children and adults resulted in, among other elements, a new organizational manifesto that has been met with enthusiasm and support by the organization and its community of advocates.

Brand Manifesto

Anthemic video

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